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New Kitchens – Upgrading existing kitchens Fundinglinx works with many Kitchen contractors

4 Season Sunrooms

Glass roof sunrooms offer homeowners many benefits including their dramatic impact on your home, unparalleled styling and elegance, and architectural flexibility.  They create a brighter, more cheerful living and working environment than can be achieved by conventional construction

Outdoor Living Oasis

Every home deserves its own unique curb appeal – transform your home with landscaping , pools , ponds, outdoor kitchens. the outdoor living environment will provide your family and friends a place to relax and enjoy time together.

Home Staging & Bridge Financing

It’s a way of showing buyers the space that’s available in the home without a lot of clutter and unwanted furniture in the way. Staging brings a potential buyer all the more closer to a final vision of what their furniture could look like in the home

Basement Renovations

Put your basement to good use, whether it be upgrading, remolding, underpinning, new HVAC systems, home gyms, Add a basement apartment. Transformation is unlimited. Flipping a basement into new square footage – will pay off in added value.

Modernize your Home Exterior Upgrades

Exterior Upgrades – Roofing, Siding Windows, Garage Doors, Soffit & Eavestroughs. A stylish exterior upgrade will added value and longevity to the most valuable asset you have.

Integrated experience in finding solutions.

There are no two homeowners that are the same, at Fundinglinx we get that we don’t try to fit you in a box and lump you with everyone else, we understand your financial situation, your borrowing needs and your home are all different. Fundinglinx has options for you and we work for you, we understand rates, loan options and what the benefits are. “Lower rate or less money”   borrowers have to understand Fundinglinx is here to help with that.

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